Before You Mail − Campaign Checklist


As you consider the best way to allocate your marketing dollars, here is some helpful information about choosing, planning and executing a direct mail marketing campaign.

checkmark.pngDecide if direct mail is right for your goals.

Direct mail isn’t right for everything. For example, a general “Try this floor cleaner” appeal is likely better served by reaching as many people as possible, through mass media, such as TV or general interest magazines.

But if you also know that your floor cleaner is bought more often by people who just moved, you’d be smart to plan a direct mail marketing campaign to new movers, and offer them a money-off coupon. In this example, direct mail efficiently avoids “waste” (spending money talking to people who have no interest in what you’re selling) and zeros-in on people who are extremely likely to buy your product. 

Direct mail is also very effective for business-to-business marketing. It can open the door for your sales force (lead generation), and play the role of “silent salesman.” You can cultivate a relationship by sending requested materials, or have your sales people follow up.

checkmark.pngEstablish your timeline.

Direct mail can be much faster than mass media campaigns. The direct mail sales cycle (idea creation > list selection > production > mailing > results) can be remarkably quick − you’ll often have your answer in several weeks, compared to several months with other media plans.

checkmark.pngChoose a partner who is experienced in data management.

You may have heard that database marketing management (or the mailing list) is the most important element in a direct mail campaign. This is crucial to keep in mind as you’re planning your marketing efforts. The most powerfully worded, expertly designed mail piece will be completely ineffective if it’s delivered to the wrong person. Ask your mailing house for their experience, case studies and methods they use for data management.

checkmark.pngResist the temptation to “Do It Yourself.”

Successful direct mail marketing is truly a science. The elements of data management, design, copywriting, printing, personalization and response informatics should all be handled by professionals, to maximize your investment. Resist the “penny wise, pound foolish” temptation of having a niece, nephew or next-door neighbor put together a mailing and cobbling together a mailing list yourself. A reputable, experienced direct mail marketing company will make sure your mailing is handled correctly and that your results the best possible.

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