4 Steps for Direct Mail Marketing Success


The building blocks of a winning direct mail marketing campaign:

  1. Choose your target audience. Need leads? We work with the top list providers in the business. Give us your criteria and we’ll do the rest! Have your own leads? Send us your file and we will process it so we can receive the discounts available by the USPS - ultimately putting the savings in your pocket.
  2. Design your mailer. We fully tailor your mail piece and envelope to suit your business. All we need are key images and company information and you’ll have a customized piece that is sure to WOW your prospects.
  3. Write the letter copy. Let us know your offer, call-to-action, and terms & conditions you’d like to include. Our copywriters will create the most precise, effective message possible.
  4. Give your final approval. We produce and mail. When your art has been completed, our production team will send it to you for review and approval. Be sure to pay special attention to the phone number and other important details of the final art. This is your last chance to make changes. Upon approval and payment receipt, your mailing will be in the mail within three to five business days.

Call us at 888.799.3959 or contact us online. We can get started right away on building your successful direct mail marketing campaign.