Why Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is the “original social media” and it still works great. We have the numbers to prove it.


According to the USPS, 56% of people say receiving mail is a “real pleasure.” As reported by eMarketer, 75% of people say they have made purchases as a result of direct mail.

What’s more, Deliver magazine reports that 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered and 77% sort through it immediately. But here’s what’s even more important to you as a business person:  15% of consumers who have received at least a printed catalog and 12% who have received at least a letter, postcard and/or flyer have made a purchase on the company’s website.

Stand out by zigging while your competitors are zagging.

A great way to differentiate your product or service is to use direct mail to deliver an offer. With many companies jumping on the tech-marketing-only bandwagon, you can cut through the noise by sending a nicely designed, real-live direct mail piece. Your competitors will be clogging customers’ inboxes with emails that never get opened, while your offer will really stand out in a 3-dimensional way.

No matter what your business goals – direct selling, lead generation, brand influencing, inventory reduction – direct mail marketing can be a savvy, effective strategy.

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