PURL (Personalized Website) Campaigns  


Want to make your direct mail marketing campaign even more effective? 

Then you should definitely consider taking advantage of our Personal URL (PURL) capabilities.

We start with a direct mail campaign, using our data management capabilites to reach the most qualified buying prospects possible. On your mailer, we include a link to a PURL containing a short survey tailored to further qualify your prospects.

You are notified every time a potential buyer visits their PURL and fills out the survey. They are given the option to receive email notifications from you, in which case they will receive follow-up emails. These emails are customized for content and time of reception depending on the prospect's PURL survey answers.

In short, you get more bang for your marketing buck by getting a direct mail campaign, PURLs that tell you which prospects are the best of the best, and postage-free follow-up email communication to those prospects.

What are you waiting for?

Other advantages of PURL campaigns:

•  Direct prospects to outside landing pages to collect further data.

•  Ask questions about your prospects characteristics or interests for your surveys to create even deeper specialty mailing lists. 

•  Keep in constant contact with email drips at time intervals decided by prospect input.

•  You integrate standard direct mail and email marketing – the most effective and personal direct marketing methods around – for one low cost.