Financial Seminars


Hosting a financial seminar is a great way to reach new customers in a low-pressure setting.

Maybe you’ve thought about hosting a dinner seminar – it’s a great way to communicate your message to a large group of qualified prospects at one time. But what about the invitation list? The invitation printing and mailing? The venue?

At Premier Advantage Marketing, we provide this service because we’ve found that most business people are far too busy to take this on. We do a complete turnkey program, so you can concentrate on the presentation:

  • You choose venue. You’ll pick a location and dates to hold the seminar. Freestanding restaurants are the best option. We recommend that you offer several dates for people to attend. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are regarded as the best dates to hold a dinner event.
  • We find prospects. Premier Advantage Marketing will identify your prospect list. We’ll run a count within a 10-mile radius of the restaurant with criteria that pinpoints your qualified buyers.
  • You select invitation style. We have several options for you, including a windowed envelope piece, a self-mailer, and a wedding-style invitation. Then, we’ll need a lead time of about 30 days before your dinner to complete the process.
  • We mail. We’ll mail out the invitations to arrive 10-14 days before the event. Our 24-hour RSVP service will compile the guest list for you. Plus, you will be able to go online to see who has made reservations.

For more information please call us at 888.799.3959 or contact us online and ask for our free 7-page guide to seminar marketing.