Direct Mail Marketing that Gets Attention and Results

Performing AIDA Every Day


It’s music to any marketing manager’s ears: When you work with Premier Advantage Marketing, your bottom line benefits from eye-catching direct mail marketing that gets opened and brings in new customers. Every direct mail package we produce is put through the “AIDA” test, inspired by the opera Aida:

  • Attention. Grab your customers’ attention so they’ll open the envelope.
  • Interest. Intrigue them to read on with an interesting proposition and compelling offer.
  • Desire. Communicate the benefits and offer so clearly, your customers decide they want what you’re offering.
  • Action. Make it so easy, logical and desirable to respond, that your customers take action and give you the results you want.

Premier Advantage Marketing has had years of training in direct mail marketing AIDA. It’s a fact: you have 3 seconds or less to be successful with a mailing. That’s how long it takes the average person to decide if they’ll open it or trash it. Our savvy designers and copywriters have the talent to develop a customized, cutting-edge marketing campaign that will ensure your message catches the eye of your prospect.

World-Class Printing and Production

A great message is only as good as its delivery. Our large-scale production capabilities ensure your direct mail marketing ends up in the right mailbox and the right hands. We have ongoing relationships with industry leaders in the areas of paper supply, printing and mailing. It’s a big reason our clients are consistently pleased with the production quality response rate of their direct mail campaigns.

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