Specialty Mortgage Lists

The key to a successful mortgage mailing is to know which list unlocks the door.


There are many, many types of homeowners in the U.S. – new homeowners, FHA/VA mortgage holders, debt consolidators, refinancers, subprime mortgage holders, reverse mortgage holders, multiple mortgage holders, and more. When it comes to finding clean, comprehensive lists to appeal to these targets, Premier Advantage Marketing holds the keys to the kingdom.

Financial institutions, mortgage brokers, professional lenders and home service companies rely on us to provide first-quality lists that perform consistently well.

In total, we have millions of records waiting to be put to work for you:

New Homeowners
This group provides a wealth of selling opportunities. New home buyers are in the market for mortgages, insurance, home services, furniture and more. Premier Advantage Marketing offers you detailed, comprehensive new homeowners data.

FHA/VA Mortgage Holders
Our FHA list modeling formula brings qualified FHA loan customers directly to you. Behind the scenes, our data operations work continuously to generate fresh leads. We append HUD data quarterly, as well as input data from the county clerk and tax assessor offices.

Home Equity Loan Prospects
These active homeowners are in the market for home improvements, debt consolidation, college education, and more. Our home equity prospect lists are carefully compiled using deed and tax sources, LTV numbers, loan consolidation and 2nd mortgage information.

National Lenders
Our colleagues in the mortgage banking industry provide us with millions of names for this lucrative database. You can overlay variable details for sharper targeting, such as first-loan type, property type, demographic information and loan-to-value ratio.

Subprime Mortgage
The ability to meet all underwriting guidelines is key to quality subprime mortgage data. We map metrics such as income, late payment history and employment information to meet all underwriting criteria. We can also offer you evaluative data for each homeowner regarding debt consolidation loans.

Multiple Mortgage Holders
The strength of this database is our ability to fine tune it as a subset of our master title and deed property file. Choose form selects such as demographics, loan and loan rate type and down payment percentages.

125% Loan-to-Value Mortgage
These homeowners are productive loan customers. They hold a current 1st mortgage at higher Loan-To-Value (LTV) and are in the market for a 125% LTV second mortgage for the purpose of consolidating their debt.

Conforming Mortgage
This database is comprised of 20 million+ homeowners who need to consolidate debt. We index financial data, demographics and behavioral metrics to qualify inclusion. Requirements for homeowners include a high estimated score (greater than 640),  an LTV of 80% or less and an estimated debt minimum of $15,000.

Pre-Screen Credit
For this group, we map homeowner buying behavior against prescreen credit requirements. The result is a productive database of homeowners who are great prospects for home equity loans. These individuals are receptive to offers for mortgages/loans, college financing, phone services, insurance and security systems.

County Level Property
This database is a wealth of usable information for you – it contains over XX million records. Tax assessor and county clerk offices across the country supply the data. You can sharpen your selections with these variables: first-loan type and rate type, purchase date, loan-to-value ratio, delinquent tax flag, age, income, marital status and presence of children.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads
With this special service, we do the upfront qualifying and deliver the leads directly to your sales force. Which means you get qualified borrowers who are ready to sign. We can prescreen using several variables, and the leads you can request are virtually endless: home equity, new homeowner, FHA/VA, debt consolidation and many more.

Questions about our Specialty Mortgage Lists? Would you like to see how they can improve your ROI? Contact us online or call 888.799.3959. One of our list specialists will be happy to tell you more.