Targeted Direct Mail Lists


Profit from the best matchmakers in the business.

Ever receive a coupon in the mail for baby formula when your youngest child was already in elementary school? In the direct mail marketing list business, that’s an example of a bad match.

There is absolutely nothing more important in your direct mail marketing mix than the mailing list. It’s the best insurance that your investment in planning, writing, designing and printing will pay off.

How does Premier Advantage Marketing help you make sure the right customers receive your offer at the right time? By using the most advanced targeting technology and partnering with the savviest data professionals in the industry.

Just one small example of how we do things differently: With other direct mail marketing companies, credit data may be run through just one or two credit bureau agencies. Premier Advantage Marketing employs the maximum number – three. Using a tri-bureau data approach means your prospect credit data will be as accurate – and productive – as possible.

There’s no place like home.

Did you know the secret to success is your house list? This is a list of customers who have previously responded or purchased from you. Selling to current customers is much more cost effective and profitable – and they offer priceless insight into prospect targeting.

You can benefit from your house list in two ways:

  1. 1.  Mail directly to your current house list (historically, current customers are your best future customers).
  2. Create a robust prospect list based on your current customers’ purchasing patterns. We overlay your customer data against prospect data to predict who is more likely to purchase from you.

We have so many more ways we can ramp up your mailing list strategy and tactics – contact us and we’ll show you how. Call us at 888.799.3959 or contact us online.