Direct Mail Creative Services


We help you win the “3-Second Race”

Think about sorting through your own direct mail. A quick scan is all it takes to decide if you want to read or toss. That quick scan – no longer than three seconds – is the critical window for getting new customers.

Premier Advantage Marketing has years of experience creating just the right recipe for serving up your direct mail marketing in the most appealing way. We know it takes more than pretty pictures and punchy headlines to sell your product or service. Each mailing is carefully balanced with the right amount of copy, visuals and CTA’s (calls to action).

When we begin planning your direct mail program, we always start from the outside in. We know that what the envelope looks like, what it says and how it’s printed play vital roles in getting the mailing opened.

Once inside the mailing, we make sure the writing and layout are so clear, your prospects understand the benefits and desired action in just seconds.

You can request the services of our savvy, results-driven designers and copywriters, who can create a tailored direct mail campaign to promote your brand and offer. This is their specialty.

Or, you can choose from a variety of innovative, pre-designed direct mail packages proven to generate results. We have history with these packages, so we know what works. Going with a pre-designed package means you will enjoy greater response rates, lower production costs and super-fast timelines.

Check out our interactive direct mail marketing portfolio, and contact us for your own mailing samples. You can also reach us at 888.799.3959. The possibilities are endless!